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05.04.15 (17.15) - Toumba Stadium
 vs SKODA Xanthi  

Mr. Savvidis met with Mr. Samaras

On the fringe of New Democracy’s Central Makedonia pre-convention, held at “Makedonia Palace” hotel, PAOK FC major shareholder Mr. Ivan Savvidis met on Sunday with Greece Prime Minister and New Democracy president, Mr. Antonis Samaras.

The main issue addressed in the meeting was PAOK FC’s request for a permanent settlement of their debts to the Greek state. The Prime Minister reiterated the government’s intention to reach a final solution, given that “PAOK are not asking the state for money, but want to give money to the state”, as Mr. Samaras said during the meeting.

Mr. Ivan Savvidis stressed the club’s and his own firm stance to “pay soon and in full the primary debt” which is about 11 million euros. As members of the government said, soon there will be a final development in the debt issue.



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